Columbit's History in the wine industry

The late Ernest Zeh emigrated from Germany to South African and founded Columbit in 1937. With his first hand knowledge of the latest overseas production techniques Ernest soon realised that the local wine industry was poised for great exposure. Compared to the wine producing countries such as France and Germany, the South African wine industry was still fairly primitive at the time.

Columbit’s commitment to the wine industry played a role in the development t of the South African wine industry. Producers soon invested in technology and chemicals to simplify and prove operations.  With a shift from brandy to natural wine, local wine producers soon required methods to control fermentation and filtration, and not long thereafter high quality South African wines could be sourced on the global market.

Over the years, Columbit has maintained its commitment to the wine industry, travelling abroad and continually seeking innovative production and packaging solutions to support the wine industry.

Further to this, the Columbit offering diversified, supplying both the food and beverage industries with quality consumables, printed flexible packaging, equipment and services.

Columbit Australia / New Zealand

With 73 years experience to draw on, Columbit expanded its operations to Australia and New Zealand and has been operating in this region for over 20 years. Basing its work ethic on honesty, integrity, good value and excellent technical support, Columbit Australia and New Zealand supports our food, wine and beverage industries with products, equipment and technical services.

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Wine Industry

Columbit has strived to bring innovative product and packaging solutions to the Australian and New Zealand wine industries. As suppliers of the Vinolok glass stopper closure system and Dal Cin (a range of chemical products based on years of research and study in the field of oenology), Columbit has been successful in growing niche market opportunities within the wine industry.

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Colcap printed screw wine capsColcap

In recent months, Columbit has identified an increasing need for low volume, printed screw cap production within the Australian and New Zealand wine industries. While local manufacturers are adept and efficient in providing quality printed screw caps, wine producers have had to invest in large production runs or prohibitively costly smaller runs in order to meet their specialised needs.

In response, Columbit has developed a process of efficiently and effectively printing screw caps in smaller production runs, from as low as 2,000 screw caps. This process will allow smaller wineries or wine producers with smaller yields to maximise their packaging investment and efficiency.